Beltran 2

Status: Unknown

When Beltran was trapped in the Phantom Zone, the cloning process she had created began. Shortly afterwards, another Beltran appeared and assisted the Guardians, with nearly all of the same memories.

Over time the Guardians found that this Beltran was colder, more distant. Direct questioning from Star Knight, memeber of The Freedom League led to the discovery that this Beltran had no feelings.

When the Guardians left to rescue Beltran from the Phantom Zone, Fauxtran stayed behind and put secret plans into motion. She attacked Michael O’conner, destroyed the teleporter, and left for her house.

When the Guardians returned and confronted her, she unveiled her plans to kill all the criminals in Orange City. She had bombs placed at the Prison, poison at the hospital, and gas at Merrill Mental Institution. A short fight broke out, before the Guardians left to stop the traps. They were disabled, but Fauxtran has dissappeared, and destoryed Beltran’s house in the process.

Beltran 2

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