Firebird – PL 12

Strength 10, Stamina 10, Agility 4, Dexterity 4, Fighting 4, Intellect 2, Awareness 4, Presence 4

Attractive, Benefit, Wealth 2 (indepently wealthy), Diehard, Great Endurance

Deception 2 (6), Expertise (AGL): Dancing 2 (6), Expertise: Cosmic Events 2 (4), Expertise: History 2 (4), Expertise: Model 1 (3), Expertise: Socialite 1 (3), Persuasion 2 (6), Ranged Combat: Cosmic Matter Control 6 (10)

Cosmic Matter Control
- Polymorph Other: Cumulative Affliction 12 (1st degree: Impaired, 2nd degree: Disabled, 3rd degree: Transformed, Resisted by: Will, DC 22; Cumulative, Increased Range: ranged)
AE Cosmic Blast: Blast 14 (DC 29)
AE Group Levitation: Burst Area Flight 8 (Speed: 500 miles/hour, 1 mile/round; Affects Others, Burst Area: 30 feet radius sphere, Increased Mass 4)
AE Illusions: Illusion 6 (Affects: All Sense Types, Area: 60 cft., DC 16; Selective)
AE Matter Creation: Create 12 (Volume: 4000 cft., DC 22; Movable)
AE Telekinesis: Move Object 12 (100 tons; Increased Range: perception)
AE Telepathy
…Communication: Mental Communication 3
…Mind Reading: Mind Reading 10 (Linked; DC 20)
AE Teleportation: Teleport 14 (60 miles in a move action, carrying 3200 lbs.; Extended: 16000 miles in 2 move actions, Increased Mass 6; Distracting, Tiring)
AE Transmutation: Transform 5 (Affects: Anything, Transforms: 25 lbs., DC 15; Increased Duration: continuous, Increased Range: ranged)

Flight: Flight 9 (Speed: 1000 miles/hour, 2 miles/round; Platform)

Hyperborean Physiology (Advantages: Diehard, Eidetic Memory, Great Endurance)
- Enhanced Ability: Enhanced Stamina 10 (Linked; +10 STA)
- Enhanced Ability: Enhanced Strength 10 (Linked; +10 STR)
- Immunity: Immunity 6 (Linked; Aging, Disease, Poison, Starvation & Thirst, Suffocation (All))
- Protection: Protection 4 (Linked; +4 Toughness)

Initiative +4
Cosmic Blast: Blast 14, +10 (DC 29)
Grab, +4 (DC Spec 20)
Mind Reading: Mind Reading 10 (DC Will 20)
Polymorph Other: Cumulative Affliction 12, +10 (DC Will 22)
Telekinesis: Move Object 12 (DC 22)
Throw, +4 (DC 25)
Transmutation: Transform 5, +10 (DC Dog 15)
Unarmed, +4 (DC 25)

Fame: Fashion model/Socialite
Motivation: Acceptance
Weakness: If aura is nullified she can not breath in Earth atmosphere


Dodge 10, Parry 10, Fortitude 11, Toughness 14, Will 13

Power Points
Abilities 44 + Powers 106 + Advantages 3 + Skills 9 (18 ranks) + Defenses 22 = 184


Amelia Fotch was abducted by the Lor when she was 20 years old.

The Lor took her back to their research station where they performed a medical procedure to combine Amelia’s DNA with that of a Hyperboeran. What they didn’t know, however, was that performing the procedure allowed Amelia a greater control of Cosmic energy manipulation than a standard Hyperborean.

The Lor didn’t notice anything different, but it wasn’t long after her powers were unlocked that Amelia herself realized she had them. She began to practice using them in private; stealing any free moments alone that she could in order to improve her skills with her new powers. Once she had gained enough skill with them, Amelia began to plan a way to use her powers to escape.

Still unaware of her powers, the Lor suspected nothing when Amelia used her powers on them. Her plan was a simple one, but effective: she mentally projected images in to the minds of the aliens to make them think she was showing signs of some sort of virus that would wipe out their race if they didn’t get her off their planet immediately. She made them think the only way they could be safe was if they returned her to Earth and headed back to their own planet at once. Like I said, her plan worked, and the Lor released her, she travelled back to Earth.

Unfortunately, the procedure the Lor had performed on her so she could breathe in their atmosphere made it impossible for her to breathe in ours. Luckily, Amelia was aware of this and was able to use her new found powers to create an immunity which allows her to survive in Earth atmosphere.


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