T-Rip is a famous rapper. He is a werewolf, infected with the curse while on a tour in England. His car was attacked by a True Werewolf, and he was the only survivor of the car. Before his bodyguards killed the beast with a hail of bullets, he was bitten.

T-Rip has kept control of the beast for years, but while in Orange City promoting his new CD, he lost control. He tore up his room during the transformation and fled to the city park. He injured a homeless man in his rampage.

The Guardians investigated and tracked the beast down to the park, but were ambushed. After defeating him, he reverted back to his normal form. He yelled that they should have killed him when they had the chance, as the beast would target them next.

The next day the Guardians questioned T-Rip to see if their wounds would turn them into werewolves. They confirmed that he was not a True Werewolf, and therefore they were fine.

T-Rip is apologetic about his attack and has promised to take steps in the future to make sure he doesn’t get loose again.


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