Dr Breneman

Dr. Breneman is a scientist in Orange City. He is extremely smart and tries to make devices for the betterment of mankind. However, what he makes seems to be easily retrofitted to nefarious purposes. He is currently working for Ilium Co.

The Guardians first met Dr. Breneman in their early career. Terra King had attacked a research lab and stolen a earthquake detector Dr. Breneman had built. The Guardians deduced that it could be turned into an earthquake machine. They followed the signals to a cave system, fought Terra King, and destroyed the device, saving Orange City.

After saving the city, American Eagle and Beltran offered to hire Dr. Breneman directly, so they could keep an eye on him.

9/10/13: Apparently before he went to work for Ilium Co, Dr. Breneman had built a lightning rod/detector. The Factor Four attacked and tried to steal it for Dr. Stratos, but were foiled. Dr. Breneman had built the device ages ago and had forgotten about it.

Dr Breneman

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