Captain Darkought

Status: Unknown

Captain Darkought is an alient ( Varian) who arrived on Earth and attempted to drain all the seawater away.

A small alien ship was going to crash into Orange City when it was suddenly vaporized. Captain Darkought’s space battleship appeared and he spoke with The Guardians. he politely informed them that he was going to begin draining their seawater to fuel his ship again, needing only a relatively small amount. The heroes noticed that he was not asking for permission, but informing them of his actions.

Triton came to the Guardians in anger. He was furious the alien was draining water, he was taking more than he said, and he had discovered alien fish nearby.

Princess, Guyson, and Beltran teleported onto the ship. The discovered that there was a ton of vicious animal life onboard. Beltran placed explosives around the ship while Princess and Guyson fought the Captain. They discovered that he was stealing their water and teleporting it elsewhere to sell. Apparently saltwater is rare in parts of the universe.

The captain was defeated and the heroes escaped the exploding ship. Triton and his army went about killing any escaping wild aliens.

Captain Darkought

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