Guyson – PL 10 (150pp)
Occupation: Street Fighter
Base: Orange City
Theme Song: “Crush” by Pendulum
Languages: English

Personality: Guyson has a very rough exterior, though those who get on his good side realize he is a very kindhearted and loving person. He isn’t afraid to stand up to the “Big Bad Guy” in order to defend those unable to protect themselves. Guyson will also stop at nothing in order to prevent the slavery and intoxication of others, in any form. This has been his primary driving factor, in the hopes of freeing his brother from the grips of the Troll Serum by which his brother is addicted to. Also, after the short defeat by his intoxicated brother, Guyson now is striving to further his martial skill, in the hopes of one day defeating his brother, who is constantly seeking for another source of the Troll Serum. Powers and Abilities: Guyson is a highly trained Capoeira martial artists who has mastered the ability to focus his willpower in order to make him a fearless fighting machine. Couple this with his extensive endurance training, Guyson is capable of pushing his body past human limitations and enduring even the worst that his body can be put through. Guyson’s Capoeira martial arts style focuses strongly on kicks, punches, grabs, feints, and using his focused willpower in order to bide his time in combat long enough to find that one moment to take his opponent down! History: After having been kicked out of a very violent home, Guyson and his brother Mike lived a homeless life in their early teens. The two learned to rely on each other, though it wasn’t long before the two were ubducted and forced to fight in a series of Street Fighting competitions. Amazingly, the two found that they were naturals, despite the fact that the two refused to injure an opponent further when they both felt that they were defeated. Angered by this, their “owners” posed the two against each other, and when the two refused to fight, they forced Mike to take the Troll Serum, an illegal drug used to put people into a crazed frenzy while giving them superhuman strength and vitality. The biggest side affect to this was the fact that it was a very addicting drug, and each time it was taken, it took away from the person’s sanity. Once the drug took it’s effect, Mike unleashed his full fury on his brother, the serum taking it’s toll on his mind. Forced up against a wall, Guyson tapped into his inner mind, allowing him to see the big picture, not just his brother. Using his brother’s anger to his advantage, he was able to direct his brother’s anger against his masters, causing enough chaos and destruction to allow other trapped fighters a chance to run free. Though, when Guyson realised his brother wasn’t losing strength, but was actually getting stronger, he turned his full attention to his brother. The battle that followed left the hidden fighting arena in ruin, though Guyson was left defeated just long enough to allow his drug-crazed brother to escape. Now Guyson seeks to prove himself a worthy fighter capable of taking on the brunt of his brother’s monsterous strength, and hopefully find a cure for his growing addiction for the Troll Serum.

Riena – Potential Love interest to Guy, Riena was once a street fighter like himself, though it was something she never really intended to continue after she escaped. Rescued by Guy, Riena now is trying to master a Mystical and Defensive version of her martial art which she hopes to use for healing and protection. Unfortunately, more times than not the mystical energies lead her into trouble with the dark Baron Samedi.

:!: Trollsta – Not so much an enemy, but what remains of Guyson’s brother and rival. Addicted to and transformed by the Troll Serum, Trollsta is constantly going from location to location trying to find his fix, destroying everything along his path. Guyson will stop at nothing to train himself to handle the sheer power that his brother wields. Though he knows he can not do so alone…
:!: Baron Samedi – The core reason why the Troll Serum even exists, Baron hopes to corrupt even the strongest of heroes and turn them into his most useful tools against the likes of his other half, Siren. (Let me know if this is OK, Florida from what I understand is Baron’s home turf).

:idea: Koda – Once a police officer, Koda is now a private investigator though not originally by choice. Koda works with Guy from time to time to investigate what he hopes to be the source of the Troll Serum, despite the fact that the very search for the answer is what caused his elimination from the force. Koda just has a “gut feeling” that has helped Guy from time to time, though Koda only works with Guy when he feels he needs some muscle power, often times putting him in situations where Guy has to rescue him.
:idea: Doctor Sarah Mender – “Doc” as Guy has come to call her, is the woman who has been researching the Troll Serum for some time in the hopes of finding a cure. From time to time, Guy finds himself needing her help when things are a bit above his head, though more times than not the doctor is busy with other patients. As she gains more and more progress on finding a cure, the Baron finds new ways of keeping her from finding an answer and complicating things for not only her but Guyson as well.
:idea: Tafar – Tafar is a teenage street fighter who found himself stuck amidst the “Trolls,” a gang who has been hand in hand with the Baron’s efforts. From time to time Tafar will seek out Guy in the hopes of trying to keep his family gang from getting into something that could potentially kill them, and sometimes if Guy feels that his family is in danger will do the same in return. Though in order to do so, Guy has to either fight his way to him, or find some means of handling the “lesser trolls” as they rage into situations intended to cause trouble for Guy and his efforts. Otherwise, Tafar will not leave his family or do anything to put them in harms way, including stopping Guy if such a situation were to occur.


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