Echo Sheikman

Melodramatic mind-sculptor


Echo is a sharp-featured girl in her late teens; her face is expressive and ever-shifting, if not actually pretty per se. Her clothing varies wildly, but tends towards the colorful and evocative. Her hair is long, straight, and black over most of its length, but the tips- especially on her bangs- are a prism of colors that shift constantly, as do her eyes. Although her frame is rather thin, it belies a surprising amount of resilience and strength.

Echo’s moods change rapidly and almost without warning, but they are all writ plain on her face- she has basically no concept of hiding her feelings whatsoever. Whatever is happening around her, she is either drawn to the center of action or becomes it- anything else is practically unthinkable. She is intense in her presence, but often very sympathetic to others, though her concern is sometimes rather unhelpful in its expression. Echo relishes in expression of emotion of all kinds, whether positive or negative, and her favor or dislike come and go with dizzying rapidity- sometimes even on a mere whim.

Like a wave, it is all but impossible to slow her down; objectives and counter-arguments are simply left behind as she finds a new subject to focus on. This constant stream of new topics can be rather exhausting for most people to keep up with, as can much of the rest of her personality; it’s a rare individual indeed who can keep pace for more than an hour or two. Echo is a pathological liar of the most extravagant kind, but she wholeheartedly believes the things she says- and, indeed, many of them are at least mostly true despite how ridiculous they sound. Her personality is the very definition of magnetic, making it very difficult for people to deny her the things she asks even when they know better, and her keen insight into the motivations of others makes her charms all the more dangerous.

Echo values sympathy, empathy, and the guidance of the heart over everything else; though she may come off as reckless, her intent is virtually always good and she tries to avoid causing any real harm to anyone. She is easily frustrated, however, and may briefly lash out at someone obstructing her, only to apologize immediately after. She finds references to the other side of her personality to be somewhere between gauche and outright insulting and will breeze past the subject if at all possible.

Echo’s superhero identity changes as quickly as anything else about her; in the short span of a few weeks, she has already used Soldier Sailor Sparkling Moon Phantasma and Ariadne and will likely find others as time progresses.


Fun and Helpful Facts About Echo!

(Note: facts are not actually fun or helpful; you should probably just make up whatever you want and call it a fact.)

-Echo is very spiritual, but doesn’t believe in religion. The name “Sheikman” isn’t actually Jewish but comes from a group of Arabic immigrants to Europe who lived in the Jewish ghettos during the Middle Ages into the Rennaissance.

- American Eagle is her uncle once removed on her mother’s side. She had met him seven times (two family reunions, four Haunnakah parties, one stopover during a cross-country flight) before moving to Orange City.

-Echo once climbed to the top of the roof on her house and jumped off and she was completely fine, aside from being grounded for a week afterwards. She is very good at jumping.

-Echo’s parents are Mark Sheikmann and Cecelia Jordan-Sheikmann. Mark is currently engaged to Mary Dorter, and Cecelia is unattached but has dated in the past, including one relationship lasting for two years. Someday they will realize their feelings for each other again, however.

-The id is the unorganized part of the personality structure that contains a human’s basic, instinctual drives. It is the source of our bodily needs, wants, desires, and impulses, particularly sexual and aggressive drives. The id operates according to the pleasure principle, the psychic force that motivates the tendency to seek immediate gratification of any impulse. In the id contrary impulses exist side by side, without cancelling each other out; there is nothing in the id that could be compared with negation.

-She has two hardcopy books in her room – Immanual Kant’s “Critique of Pure Reason” (in good condition, but practically unread) and Henry David Thoreau’s “Walden” (with extensive liner notes and interpretive annotation.) Only one of them is worth keeping.

-According to her cellphone, she has 516 contacts. Approximately one-third of them are in Orange City.

-Her favorite genre of music is prog, and her favorite band is Pink Floyd. (They’re very misunderstood.) She has 3,459 songs on her iPod.

-None of Echo’s clothes are actually in her room; all seventeen shirts, nine blouses, eleven skirts, five pairs of pants, three jorts, and six dresses are currently being borrowed or held onto by other people, and their ownership tends to fluctuate as quickly as their style.

-Echo and Doctor Schuster are on season 3 of Downton Abbey, though she is eager to see more. Edith is clearly the most likeable of the characters and deserves more screen time than she gets.

-Gateways Mental Hospital was closed down for the first time in sixty years in 2013, citing a need for remodeling. Improvements to on-site safety, screening, and changes in personnel were also cited as reasons for the temporary closure. No criminal or civil charges have been filed.

-Although only in the Drama Club for two weeks, Echo’s performance in The Merchant of Venice was considered amongst the finest ever seen at the school by all those in attendance, her ad-libbing of a few lines notwithstanding.

-Her least-favorite food is asparagus, which “tastes like boiled butts made out of slime.” Her mother noted that, although rude, she made a good point. Echo’s favorite food is whatever someone else is having (as long as it doesn’t have asparagus in it.)

-Her star sign is Sagittarius, the centaur. Sagittariuses are exciteable, contagious, enthusiastic, grandiose, and lucky!

-Echo has had five boyfriends; the longest lasted for four weeks, two days, and six hours.

-She prefers dogs over cats because they aren’t as lazy and are more friendly. Besides, dogs are more useful and helpful anyways.

Echo Sheikman

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