Echo Sheikman

Technomantic introvert


Echo is a somewhat plain-looking young woman in her late teens; she wears a perpetual look of bland boredom and slightly dirty but otherwise unremarkable clothing, tending towards monochromes. Her hair is plain, black, and straight, worn long and straight behind her. Her eyes are a steely grey and her physique is on the scrawny side of things, with pale skin indicative of a life spent indoors.

Echo’s demeanor varies between hesitant, nervous, and apathetic; it’s extremely rare for her to express even the slightest enthusiasm for things, especially when those things are people. She deals poorly with any kind of human contact and actively shies away from any sort of interaction with strangers. On the other hand, she finds technology of all kinds fascinating and can be drawn into a technical discussion with relative ease, even unintentionally, and this is one of the few times she sheds her self-consciousness.

Her behavior shows many signs of neuroses and she finds it difficult to ignore things that are “wrong” in her environment- most usually this refers to objects that are misplaced or malfunctioning. While she often worries incessantly about what others will think of her actions, her ability to actually make any kind of reasonable guess about their reactions (as well as desires, beliefs, etc) is much less impressive and she often says or does things that inadvertently give offense or cause problems.

Echo values logic, rationality, and calm thought over all other things. She is highly mechanistic in temperment and becomes easily frustrated when situations don’t go as planned. Any reference to the other side of her personality meets with icy distrust or outright denial, escalating into rare displays of anger if the issue is forced.

Echo has no superhero identity and finds the idea mildly disconcerting; she inevitably uses her real name if asked.


Fun and Helpful Facts About Echo!

(Note: Facts are not actually “fun,” they are completely neutral. “Fun” is just a meaningless concept anyways.)

-Echo is of Jewish ancestry, although she doesn’t seem to make any claim to religion of her own.

- American Eagle is her uncle once removed on her mother’s side. She had met him seven times (two family reunions, four Haunnakah parties, one stopover during a cross-country flight) before moving to Orange City.

-Echo cannot swim. This is exacerbated by her low BMI and bony frame, which make even a simple float somewhat difficult for her. She was enrolled in lessons many years ago, but refused to attend.

-Echo’s parents are Mark Sheikmann and Cecelia Jordan-Sheikmann. Their current whereabouts are undisclosed.

-The super-ego aims for perfection. It comprises that organized part of the personality structure, mainly but not entirely unconscious, that includes the individual’s ego ideals, spiritual goals, and the psychic agency (commonly called “conscience”) that criticizes and prohibits his or her drives, fantasies, feelings, and actions. It works against the id, striving to act in a socially appropriate manner, whereas the id just wants instant self-gratification.

She has two hardcopy books in her room Immanual Kant’s “Critique of Pure Reason” (dog-eared, but well kept) and Henry David Thoreau’s “Walden” (heavily annotated and smudged.) She only wishes to keep one of them.

-Her screen name at the Greater Los Angeles Society of Women Engineers is Lost_Echo11. She is credited with 749 threads and 14,285 posts there.

-Her favorite musical genre is ambient industrial; her favorite band is Lustmord. She has 2,487 songs on her iPod.

-Echo currently owns five shirts and three pairs of pants, along with one hoodie. This is exactly enough clothes to do them all in a single load of laundry (discounting the one set she is wearing, of course.) She does not have any skirts or dresses because they are “impractical” and tend to get caught in the moving parts of whatever she is building.

-Echo and Doctor Schuster are on season 3 of Downton Abbey. Why each of them watches it is something of a mystery. She identifies best with Mary Crawley and despises Countess Violet.

-Gateways Mental Hospital was closed down for the first time in sixty years in 2013, citing a need for remodeling. Improvements to on-site safety, screening, and changes in personnel were also cited as reasons for the temporary closure. No criminal or civil charges have been filed.

-Echo was awarded an A+ (97%) in her 7th grade art class; Ms. Ackler, the teacher, said that her use of perspective, color, and form were “exceptional” and that she might even want to consider a career in the visual arts. Echo declined to pursue the recommendation, citing privacy concerns.

-She does not have a favorite food, although her least-favorite food is matzo. According to Echo, it “tastes like someone chewed up wet cardboard and then spit it out again.” She has three times gone without dinner because of her unwillingness to eat it.

Her blood type is AB; she is left-handed. She rates as an INTJ on the Briggs-Meyer test.

-Echo has never dated or had a boyfriend, though she has had a number of crushes.

-She prefers cats over dogs because they are more calm and easily dealt with as well as much cleaner.

Echo Sheikman

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