Growing up Chester Laxx had everything a young boy could ask for; a loving family, popularity and not so terrible grades. Chester was a running back for his school football team, often playing a pivotal roll in their many victories, some of which were state championships, over the years. It wasn’t long until he was offered the McFarland All-Star Scholarship, a scholarship that’ll make nearly anything he puts his mind too possible. He soon joined a popular College Football team and was living his dream.

Eventually even the college level football became easy for Chester. He grew cocky, his victory dances got more elaborate and his ever growing insistence of hogging the ball became a regular pass time on the field. It wasn’t long until the rest of the team grew tired of his hubris and confronted him but vain or not he was still a valuable member of the team so on the team he remained. Overconfidence would prove his downfall however, when during championship game he failed to accept his teams wishes and in his arrogance began to underestimate the opposing team and suffered a sever spinal injury.Chester survived the ordeal but lost the use of his lower body.

Chester spiraled into a depression after these events, lost all his ‘would be’ friends and his scholarship forcing him to move back in with his parents. The dream he lived became a living nightmare. He thought that maybe it was meant to be, he was arrogant and a all round prick to everyone close to him, no wonder this had happened to him. Chester began regretting his actions towards his teammates and fellow students and felt ashamed of himself. He made a vow to be a better person to those around him.

It wasn’t long until he began showing signs of improvement, in just a few months after the accident he regained feeling in his lower extremities.The doctors were baffled, no test they ran showed any scientific explanation for this phenomenon. Chester’s family believed it to be nothing short of a miracle and in less than a year he began walking unaided. It seemed as if he was given a second chance at life, a chance to be the person he aspired to be. Life didn’t return to normal for Chester though, he gave up football and got himself a part time job.

Chester’s life would later take a turn for the…strange as he began having bizarre dreams. In the dreams a man would speak to him in this booming voice. The man spoke of a ‘sacred bloodline’ that Chester possessed and that he was the descendant of a God. These dreams slowly became a regular part of Chester’s life, until they came to him every night. He mistook them as just bad dreams, since a man in his dream was wearing mandals and couldn’t possibly be taken seriously dream or not. In the weeks to come Chester noticed drastic changes in his life. He realize that not only could he run unnaturally fast, but he could also perform his occupational duties in mere seconds. He soon began to think that there was truth to those dreams, no matter how crazy that may seem, maybe he was a descendant of a God. Chester soon realized that he could use his abilities for the good of those around him and adopted a costume and code-named himself “Blurr”.

Friends: Eugene Laxx: Owner of “Laxx Automotive” and Employer/Uncle to Blurr. He is aware of Chester’s abilities and really enjoys having an employee who can dismantle a car in a few minutes. Blurr also rents the apartment located right above the auto shop.


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